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CitySécurité guarantees:

The professionalism of our security agents and staff and a perfect adaptation to your needs. Your requests are momentarily treated by our professionals - responsible personnel that specializes in responding to the needs in the security sector with the utmost care.

- Qualified security agents - SSIAP1, SSIAP2 and SSIAP3
- Handlers of trained dogs
- Intervention units (agents) - 24/7
- Watchmen
- Agents in charge of post
- Agents in charge of unit or team
- Hostesses
- Video Surveillance.

CitySécurité is active in the Ile de France region, as well as the Blois region, in the following sectors:

- Banks and Jewelries
- Warehouses, industrial locations, parkings
- City halls, schools, hotels, administration buildings
- Sports events
- Receptions, congresses, expositions, seminars, festivals
- Etc.




Our force

Listening to clients' needs - the specific constrains, instructions and recommendations, we create a solid functional solution.

Our discretion in the execution of activities produces a peaceful environment in which everyone can perform their best.

CitySécurité puts at your disposal the means and staff that guarantee a professional execution of the task at hand:

  - Personnel deployable 365 days a year, day and night
  - Operational and technically qualified personnel deployable 24/7 and 7/7
  - Rigorous control of the personnel before recruitment
  - Secure, quick and reliable means of communication
  - Regular weekly controles of the postes
  - Training conducted with the assistance of our agents.

From the management to the personnel, CitySécurité presents a team of professionals in the sector of security, concerned to satisfy all of the clients' needs.


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